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Author Topic: New player here  (Read 1255 times)

March 06, 2017, 03:20:14 PM
Real Name: Janneau

Ingame nickname: janzdb

Age: 19

Location/Nationality: Nederlands

Any activity on Teamspeak/Discord? Active No, 3,5mm jack is stuck.
Games played: Battlefield 2, cod4, sof2 demo and rush team in browser.

Are you currently a member of a clan, if so which one? No

Previous clans? None

Do you know the rules and agree to follow them? Yes

About you/questions/comments: Student

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well i have to admit,i saw a very good activity on the server and altough his mic is not working he is on teamspeak so i would say yes and lets have fun on the servers :)

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Yo welcome to the crew man, hope you will adjust your skills soon.
Magic words from a Pro: practice, practice, practice :)

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