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March 07, 2017, 12:52:24 PM
Hello to everyone! ;)

I wanna say a little bit about me. My name is Sergey, I am from Russia and coming soon (12 of May) 23 years old :)
I have a job in gas industry. My one of favorites hobby is Playing BF2! ^^ One your member already know me from 1.0 version of BF2, we were together in MGN clan :) I like play in big air maps, mostly in helicopter :D (infantry I am nooooob xD) I respect to all people who have good character, no matter what nationality and religion. I love study English. In the game community I learned more then in college xD
I have already membership and admin in SUPER@ clan, also will be glad to see you in our servers (sorry for advertising)
Is it all what I wanted to say.. of course PM me if something need, always glad to help as I can ;)

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Hello Sergoman,its always good to see friends from Super Infantry Clan since i like to play on your servers as well and its always lots of fun :D im glad that SiC feels the same way about us. Yes i totally agree about the thing uve said about respect we should be humans always first of all and make new friendships :D just join our teamspeak when u are able to and everyone from SiC clan u guys are always more then welcome and i am looking forward to see ya in the game.Of course u will probably kick my ass due to the fact i am an infantry player but its all about participating B) ahah cya mate good to have u here ;)

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Hello Sergey,

You don`t need a degree to speak English here ;). Actually I`ve learnt a lot playing games in English. I`m a nooba as a pilot so don`t worry... we may exchange our knowledge xD because I`m not that bad as infantry player... especially on the mods. I have played a lot on modded servers and visited MGN back in a days too as WYD (Who`s Your Daddy), BiC (British Invaders Clan), GiA (Gits In Action) member. Feel comfortable here, I know zoja, simon and probably many others for a looong time. Cya on the battlefield.

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Hello sergey! nice to see you here!
well same for me, i have learned more english from games than from school.. i can't still speak it correctly  ;D
i'm also bad pilot, i like to play more as inf.
I played some years ago only sic servers, mostly karkand inf only server. Nowdays i play mostly on modded servers.
yeah i might visit on someday on your server :)

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Hey Sergoman :P how are you buddy!

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Im fine thx. What about you? ;)

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