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March 07, 2017, 05:51:04 PM
    We began this game in 2007, playing in maps air plane, then being captivated by helicopter, so I met my good friend Dany, I worked with and I founded voucher with more Roman clan -KBRAL- at a time hostand server marker on one of the computers my playing us all sorts of changes in maps and weapons to make it as exciting acet awesome game (for me it is a true relaxation when I get home from work) when I meet on the server to stay tuned :) I will be to you a big thorn in use when the jet or helicopter, dear friends so nice to have fun !!!

                              Relax with this collage

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Yesss it`s always good to be back. I really would like to play on Air Maps, it was great and I hope we make it fun again. I really miss those times on 1.0... we did not care too much about anything. Now I realized what we have lost :'(. Anyways, very good video. I think we should post our gameplays on the web on a daily basis.

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Hello dll! ;) Nice to see you here. You are very good as person and assistant in the air!

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